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Now you can Recall and undo sent emails in Gmail

Gmail data hungry functions

It is believed that the Holy Grail of email made its debut in Google’s renowned Gmail service back in 2015. The idea of being able to not deal with emails at all is an absolute Holy Grail, I suppose, however, this is likely the closest thing to it.

Users of Gmail around the globe are able to access a basic feature that could save your life: the ability to recall an email. If you’re not sure how to handle an email that you didn’t intend to share We’ll explain how to do it in this article.

Recalling an email within Gmail

How many times has this been your experience? You receive unflattering mail from your boss, and you want to share the joke with a colleague. You type out your response and click send then realize after that you had clicked “Reply All,” therefore you’re bound to have awkward conversations between you and your supervisor for one or two months.

There’s a useful feature in Gmail that can help prevent mishaps similar to the one above.

Undo Send is accessible to everyone. If you decide you’re not interested in sending it, you will have only a brief time period to recollect the message. According to Google’s help forums, There are some steps to take.
Here’s how to set up Undo Send:

  • On the Gmail site, click the Gear icon at the top right corner, and then select Options.
  • If you go to the General tab You should now be able to see the Undo Send option in the 4th option.
  • Choose the time you’d like the capability to remember the emails that you’ve sent in your drop-down menu. The options include 5, 10 20, and 30 seconds.
  • Make sure you click “Save the changes” at the bottom of the page

The function is actually easy to use; it simply sets a delay for the Send button. Instead of sending out your emails once you hit Send, it stores them for the time you set, after that, it transmits the emails. This way, in the event that you discover that you’ve sent an email that you didn’t intend to send then you’ll be able to recall it.

When Undo Send is turned on You’ll see this box in the lower-left corner of the Gmail page following each message you’ve ever sent.
Just click on”Undo,” then click the “Undo” hyperlink, and then your mail will come back onto the screen, to allow you to make any changes you need to make prior to sending it out again.

How to configure it

Here’s a video that demonstrates the steps to follow.