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Gmail To get new Integrated Layout Soon

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Google has revealed the new layout of Gmail changes the way Google Chat, Meet, and Spaces are integrated and accessible to test from February; it will become the default in April and will be the sole option by the end of the second quarter of 2022. The new view will make it so that Google’s other tools for messaging that comprise (but are not always limited to) the business-oriented Workspace suite are no longer small windows that are floating around your emails. Instead, they get their own screens within Gmail that can be accessed via large buttons located on the left side of the screen.

Google calls it the integrated view. It’ll shortly be accessible for those who (or the company you work for) are a Workspace customer. On February 8, Google says you’ll be capable of testing the layout yourself. In April, everyone who hasn’t yet opted-in (Google states that there will be an announcement at some point to encourage users to opt-in) will be switched into the layout however, they will be able to change back to the old layout in the settings. The option to switch will disappear before the close this quarter according to Google as the new layout is the “standard user experience for Gmail.”

Google’s blog contains a photo of the old Gmail interface. It also includes an ad-hoc request asking you if want to test the new interface.

The new layout may be divided as it allows you to manage meetings and chats can be a bit difficult in the present Gmail layout, everything is all on the same screen, and is a great thing when you’re a fan of the density of data. However, for those who want to be able to focus on a single particular thing at a given time, The new interface appears as if it’ll allow you to have easy access to various applications without them constantly present on your screen, based on what Google has shown to date. The company claims that it will also have notifications that will notify you when other tools require your attention. This could not be as distracting as having a listing that includes all of your Chats that are located on either the right or left of your email.

A glimpse of what Google Spaces within Gmail might appear like, as Google presented in the summer of last year. It is important to note that Mail comes with an alert bubble.

Google has proven that it is keen to integrate all of its products for work in a seamless way, and this design provides a glimpse of what it could appear like, with applications such as Spaces that let you open a spreadsheet without having to leave Gmail. Although it appears that you’re already able to use the new interface to Google describes the new layout, “easily switch between your messages, inboxes, or join meetings with no switching from tabs to open another screen,” you could say that it seems a bit snazzy. Google’s images from the updated layout look like the new interface is more polished.

They will be also more integratedGmail’s search function for example will also show Chat messages over the next months according to the firm (similar to the way Hangouts messages could be searched from inside Gmail).

Google states that this integrated interface will soon be available to those who use Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, Frontline, Nonprofit, G Suite Basic, or Business account. It currently isn’t accessible for Workspace Essentials customers. When asked if this design is coming to non-paying, regular Gmail customers the Google spokesperson confirmed that it will be “only accessible” to the types of accounts that are listed above.



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