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Now You Can Update Intel Graphics Driver With Out PC Manufacturer


So far, numerous users have not been able to update the graphics drivers of their computers at will and have to wait for the corresponding releases from the PC manufacturers. However, this is now changing, at least for Intel’s GPUs.

Intel’s graphics units are not exactly high-end products, but they can be found in numerous prefabricated systems and especially in notebooks. Here it happens again and again that users who take care of their system may find that Intel has updated driver versions for a long time, but they simply cannot download and install them from the chip manufacturer’s website. Instead, the path via the computer manufacturer must be followed.

The previous problems were usually due to the fact that the PC manufacturers themselves made adjustments to the drivers and optimized them for their configuration. However, as a result, they rarely bothered to pass on bug fixes or new features to the users. This was relatively rare, especially in the lower and middle price segments, since software maintenance was hardly included in the product price.

Intel Found The Way

However, Intel has now stated that it has found a way that users can keep up to date with the latest versions of the drivers. Core components of the drivers can now no longer be adopted by the hardware providers so that updates can easily be carried out by the chip company. These can then also be installed in such a way that detailed adjustments are retained by the OEM provider.

This should now meet the demands of all sides, it said on the part of Intel. However, it cannot be ruled out that problems will arise in individual cases. Therefore, Intel recommends – and has integrated such an option – that in case of doubt one always returns to the last driver edition of the PC manufacturer.

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