Now, Zoom AI training will continue without utilizing client information


Given its generative AI training, Zoom is facing serious backlash from its consumers. As per some recent reports, the company is upgrading its policy regarding AI training. A few months ago, Zoom declared that it would use consumer data for AI training. However, privacy concerns among users denied such practices. A lot of business sectors utilize Zoom for various purposes. Before the changes, the company’s page indicated that users’ data wouldn’t be accessed without consent. Irrespective of this, the company faced a severe backlash that ultimately caused it to reverse the changes.

The Zoom AI training makes a significant change

The company declared in an official statement that the terms of service are changing. As per the company, the changes have been introduced because of the backlash from users. On August 11, the aforementioned terms of service underwent a significant upgrade in which the company revised its position regarding how it plans to train its AI features.

As of now, the company has introduced two AI tools. These include the Zoom IQ Meeting Summary, used for generating meeting summaries, and the Zoom IQ Chat Compose, which provides users with AI-driven chat composition. For the purpose of training these AI tools, the company intended to use user content. However, users saw this step by the company as a threat to their privacy during meetings.

However, the company has now revised its policy. The company now declares that user data won’t be used for training AI models. The company has clearly mentioned in its new terms of service, that it “does not use any” of users’ content for the purpose of training an AI model. Well, users can now relax and freely use the AI features offered by Zoom.

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