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Nreal Offers Windows Gaming With Augmented Reality Glasses

The Chinese company Nreal has been selling augmented or mixed reality glasses with a certain degree of success for some time, which are significantly more compact than the usual headsets. Support for Windows has now been announced.

Nreal wants to offer support for Windows on its AR and XR glasses soon. This would make it possible to use devices that look very similar to normal glasses or sunglasses to display content from a Windows PC.

Great fun for fans of racing games and simulators?

The glasses basically work like a monitor worn on the head, as they have built-in OLED displays on which the screen content is displayed directly in front of the wearer’s eyes. Especially in games where a large, wide monitor is an advantage, these devices can be interesting for some users. Racing games or flight simulators were so easy to use on Windows.

When and to what extent Nreal wants to introduce Windows support in the form of Nebula for Windows, the company has so far left open. The first presentation is to take place next week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

The Nreal Air is the manufacturer’s current model. It weighs 77 grams and is still connected to the host system with a cable. The glasses display a kind of screen in 21:9 format and support the detection of head movements and rotations. The device offers a 46-degree wide field of view and displays the virtual screen with a diagonal of up to 201 inches (approx. 5 m).

The Nreal Air is currently offered for just under 400 dollars and is therefore significantly cheaper than most competing products.

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