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EMEET announces new products at CES 2023

EMEET has come forward with a range of new products at CES 2023. The company announced several new products. The announcement included the EMEET Meeting Capsule and two other brand-new products.

The flagship Meeting Capsule by EMEET is a 360° conference camera. the company declares that the Meeting Capsule is a high-end device. Reportedly, the device consists of an integrated 360°e flip lens. It also has Hi-Fi speakers as well as 8 microphone arrays. In addition to this, the device consists of algorithms for both audio and video. The video meeting camera is equipped with three distinct lens angles. Each angel presents different modes of the conference..

The first setup i.e., the upward position offers a 360° viewpoint. It presents lecture and collaboration modes. Whereas the on the lower side of the screen a panorama of the meeting room and on the upper side the image of the speaker appears. However, the second setup presents a 180° view. It provides a classic as well as lecturer view mode. It is also termed a selfie angle of view. On the other hand, the third setup is at a 0° angle. It is termed the privacy mode. It can be used during the pause of a large meeting.

Alongside the Meeting Capsule, EMEET introduced the Meeting Capsule Pro and StreamCan One devices. However, not many details have been shared about the Meeting Capsule Pro. But in any instance, the device will have upgraded features and more characteristics. It may consist of wireless connections, 10 microphones, 4K dual cameras, and much more.

On the other hand, EMEET StreamCam holds the streaming feature for various platforms like Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. It is anticipated that the device holds three cameras connected with Bluetooth. These cameras provide three distinct angles. It will enable the users to stream possibly anywhere in the world.

Well, this is all. We don’t have much information about these devices. But as time passes we will come across more and more details.

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