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Nvidia and Valve are all set to strengthen Steam Deck with enhanced support for GeForce Now

An overview of Nvidia and Valve

Nvidia is a tech company based in California. It is an American multinational tech firm. Basically, Nvidia is known for its graphic processing units [GPUs], application programming interface [APIs], and system on a chip [SoC]. The APIs produced by Nvidia are utilized in data science as well as high-performance computing. Whereas the SoC is used for the automotive industry and mobile computing. Nvidia is known to be a worldwide leader in the hardware and software of Artificial intelligence. The GPUs manufactured by Nvidia are utilized in various fields like scientific research, architecture, automotive, engineering, media, and entertainment.

On the other hand, Valve Corporation is an American company based in Washington. It is popularly known as the video game developer. But it is also concerned with the publishing as well as digital distribution of video games. Besides this, Valve is known for the development of Steam and various franchises. The franchises comprise Day of Defeat, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Half-Life, Team Fortress, and others. Steam is basically a software distribution platform.

Nvidia and Valve will bolster the GeForce Now support on Steam Deck

According to some sources, Nvidia and Valve are all motivated to enhance the performance of GeForce Now on Steam Deck for cloud gamers. They are specifically targeting the cloud gamers who utilize portable. It was reported by PC Gamer. The information is retrieved from the Director of Product Management for GeForce Now at Nvidia, Andrew Fear. He reports that currently Steam Deck is not provided with any native application. Users access the Chromium browser for using it. According to him, Nvidia and Valve both are interested in enhancing the experience provided by GeForce Now on Steam Deck. He added that presently there is no official declaration regarding a native app arriving on Steam.

So, currently, gamers have to use the chromium browser for streaming the games via GeForce Now on the Steam Deck. We can’t say that a browser experience is the best. Since it presents certain things as awkward and heavy specifically those associated with game controls and interface. Given this fact, a native app could be a major step forward for the Steam Deck.