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Valve to share detailed information about individual components of the Steam Deck

Great news for Steam Deck users.

Valve is ready to introduce some fresh Beta updates for Steam Deck. One among those being the servicing and repair feature via listing the internal components of handheld gaming PC. The new lookup view will enclose the details about the model as well as the manufacturer.

These details will be presented individually with each major hardware element as well as with each Steam Deck. However, the list is based on factory-installed components. So, if you install updates on your own they might be unrecognizable. Additionally, the users who have enabled beta client updates can gain access to new component lookups. This can be done so in the following manner:

Go to settings followed by the option of System > and finally the Model/Serial Numbers buttons.

According to Valve, the latest component transparency was introduced in response to the customer’s request. Additionally, the company highlighted the significance of the said update by mentioning how the consumers looking for repair can benefit.

The details about the manufacturer of individual components can have great effects. Earlier this year, it has been observed with the re-engineering of the Project Killswitch Steam Deck case by Dbrand. It appeared that the magnetic case of the kickstand was slowing down the fans in the Steam Deck models. Additionally, it was noted that fans made by Delta were slowed. However, the fans made by Huaying remain unaffected. Furthermore, Valve showcased that it will use both Delta as well as Huaying fans in the future.

Additionally, some other smaller details have also been added to the beta channel. These include:

  • the capability to skip boot animations by pushing the B button
  • support for user-created virtual menu icons
  • Hori Fighting Commander Octa and
  • various third-party PS3/PS4/PS5 are some additional controllers

Currently, no news about when these beta features will be released is available. If you wish to give the upcoming updates a whirl before their final release, you can enable client beta. This can be done in the following order: Go to Settings, Select ‘System’, and Click Steam Update Channel.

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