On Android Auto, Google Maps gets a new look

In accordance with some fresh pieces of information, Android Auto is set to receive several new updates. Reportedly, the new changes will be introduced to Google Maps on Android Auto. One of the changes includes the new look of the app. A new look for the Maps app for Android Auto is being rolled out in the most recent Google Maps update. The updates have been rolled out regardless of the Android Auto version.

A new sidebar is added to the Maps app with the new design look. The sidebar consists of app controls. In the previous design, the controls appeared on the right side of the map. However, with the recent changes the controls have now been moved to the sidebar. In the sidebar, users can find the options for regulating the directions said aloud feature, zoom controls, change the map orientation, and access other settings.

The controls listed above are now located on the left side of the Google Maps sidebar. One thing to notice here is that the sidebar appears when the app appears on the whole screen. It doesn’t appear in the dashboard view. According to users, Android Auto v10 with Google Maps v11.90 is compatible with this new Google Maps sidebar update. Some users (through SmartDroid) have observed the change with Android Auto version 9.9 because this update has not been released with Android Auto.

Although the update might not appear to be a big one it does bring some aesthetic elements to the Google Maps app. Small and tiny features always tend to improve the user experience and overall working of the apps.