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One particular reason why ID verification might be applied to X

Since the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the platform has undergone various changes and modifications. The most recent change was Twitter’s rebranding to X. Well, the thing is not over yet since more changes are on the way. Reportedly, X could soon integrate ID verification.

In order to deal with impersonation, X will introduce an ID verification feature

The possible reason behind such a move appears to be to protect against impersonation. Previously, X suffered problems due to impersonation, including delays in paid verification plans. For this reason, users might be required to submit a copy of government-issued Identity proof, i.e., ID along with a picture. The above-mentioned information was shared by a researcher named Nima Owji. The process of ID verification takes only five minutes.  

X intends to collaborate with Au10tix

For this feature, X might collaborate with Au10tix. As per the information, the images of IDs and biometric data will be saved for around 30 days. The usage of such information “for the sake of safety and security, including combating impersonation,” is also mentioned.

Currently, there is no information on when this feature will roll out. However, reports suggest that it is coming soon. The collaboration, UI, and all the relevant stuff in support of this feature are in place, so it might be coming sooner than expected. Well, if this happens, then it won’t be surprising since it was already rumored previously. Besides this, we could also observe some other major changes to X before the end of this year.

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