Reddit Relay reveals proposed membership costs


In the last couple of weeks, Reddit has been the main topic of discussion due to its changes in API policy. The changes by the company required developers to pay in order to access the data via their apps. Such a situation caused several third-party apps to stop operating since the company was charging hefty fees. Besides this, the company was not even ready to negotiate. Although most of the third-party apps have gone, a few are still operational. One such third-party app is Relay. In order to maintain its presence, the developers of the app have come forward with a subscription model.

As per the information, Relay will introduce four different subscription models. The prices of the subscription models will range from $1 to $5 per month. The more expensive tiers will provide users with more API calls, or, in simple terms, more usage. This feature will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks; until then, the app is free to use.

Relay subscription plans

According to recent pieces of information, the developer of Relay has now officially shared the subscription prices and plan. Users can get an average of 45 API calls per day by paying $1 for the basic tier. According to the developer, on average, 45% of Relay customers make fewer API calls. For $2, users will get access to 100 API calls per day, covering about 80% of users at their recent usage rate.

95 percent of Relay users are served by the 200 API requests per day available at the $3 per month tier. Finally, users have unlimited usage with the most expensive ($5 per month) option. The creators claim that this tier profitably serves 99.8% of users. They would lose money from the other 0.2% of Relay users, but if enough people sign up, the loss ought to be made up by other people.

Relay for Reddit users can check their average API call volume

API calls refer to actions that can be executed on the Relay app, like checking user profiles, checking comments, opening posts, and others. In case, a user crosses the limit of subscription tier, they would be restricted from accessing Reddit from Relay until or unless they enter the next month’s billing cycle.

Users can view their average daily API calls within the app. The feature will display each action separately, showing the most frequently used action by the user on the app. Besides this, users will have access to a meter that will showcase their plan usage percentage and the remaining number of days.

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