OnePlus 12 display might be brighter than you think

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A well-known tipster claims that the OnePlus 12 will have much more brightness than you anticipate. One of the most well-known tipsters in the business, Ice Universe, is the source of this information.

The OnePlus 12’s screen might be brighter than previously thought

He claimed that the brightness of the OnePlus 12 display “far exceeds 2,600 nits” in a post on X. When BOE originally announced the X1 display, it provided that number. The brightness is expected to peak at 4,000 nits, according to the tipster.

Why wouldn’t BOE market the display in the first place if it could reach 4,000 nits?

It is a peculiar circumstance. Regardless, 2,600 nits of brightness are more than enough; 4,000 is above everything on the market. Just to put things in perspective for you. There are two displays on the OnePlus Open, and both currently hold brightness records. These screens have a maximum brightness of 2,800 nits.

Should that prove to be accurate, that panel will be unique

The display of the OPPO Find X6 Pro, which has a maximum brightness of 2,600 nits, comes after those two screens. To provide some context, the peak brightness of the Pixel 8 Pro is 2,400 nits, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is 2,000 nits, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is 1,750 nits.

To be clear, every single one of those screens, including the Galaxy S23 Ultra, is bright enough. They are so brilliant that they hardly ever reach their full potential. Given that 4,000 nits are twice as bright as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you can only imagine what that will be able to accomplish.

However, given that BOE reported 2,600 nists of peak brightness, we’ll have to wait and see if that is accurate. Though it can go higher, is that possibly the point at which it will cut off the display? That is an additional option, since 2,600 nits is even more than required.

A few days ago, the BOE X1 display was unveiled; it will be seen in premium phones from OnePlus and OPPO. It is confirmed to be used by the OnePlus 12, and the OPPO Find X7 Pro is probably going to use it as well.

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