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OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Filter Can See Through Plastics And Clothes

OnePlus 8 Pro see through

Recently, some reports found that OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera seems to have a perspective function. The first to discover this magic phenomenon was a digital blogger and leaker @BenGeskin. He posted a video on Twitter, OnePlus 8 Pro can indeed take pictures similar to “perspective”, and this effect can be directly seen in the viewfinder interface.

What is the specific perspective? Netizens also experimented by themselves. It turned out that the internal structure of Xiao Ai speakers, sunglasses, clothes, etc. were all clearly seen. This discovery immediately detonated the attention of public opinion: this is almost the inevitable rhythm of being seen.

This camera has a special filter camera that can provide some infrared photography functions. Infrared photography is also a very old but mature thing in the field of photography. There are even special events in this field every year. Each e-commerce platform also has special infrared photography equipment.

It must not be as scary as everyone said, specifically, you can look at this 2010 popular science for infrared photography equipment, “Can you really see-through?

Can OnePlus 8 Pro really see through?

We also went to the OnePlus official website to see the special filter camera it said. According to the parameters given by OnePlus, it has a total of four rear cameras, the 48-megapixel Sony IMX689 main camera, the 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 super wide-angle, the 8-megapixel telephoto camera, and a 500 Megapixel filter camera. The effect of this filter is actually achieved using a filter camera and 5 million pixels.

Verified by netizens, OnePlus 8 Pro seems to only “see-through” plastic or clothing, other objects are generally not able to see through, so everyone can rest assured.

That is to say, this so-called “perspective” function is mainly due to the OnePlus 8 Pro rear camera module is more sensitive to infrared light. OnePlus 8 Pro users can take some photos after modifying the photo and taking filters the material of the subject becomes “transparent”.

It’s Not new

But this kind of magic phenomenon is not the first time that netizens have discovered it. As early as 2002, after the “Sony DSC-F707” digital camera was equipped with a red filter, there was news that it could be seen through. Others provided various supporting photos.

According to the optical experts at that time, all infrared cameras and cameras with night vision function showed green light after the infrared light was reflected. At this time, if they are filtered with a red filter, the so-called “perspective” effect can appear.

However, not all clothes can be seen through. In addition to the safest cotton material, which cannot be seen by infrared function, nylon and cotton mixed clothes can achieve a see-through effect. However, the purpose of infrared photography is to make the picture more imaginative, but the technology is innocent, and the guilty are those dirty ideas that are realized by technology, so the camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro is obviously only a The filter function of shooting depends on who puts it in use.