OnePlus Ace 2 will offer 24GB of RAM on its upcoming device

The OnePlus Ace 2 is launching soon. The upcoming smartphone is set to offer 24 GB of RAM. The OnePlus Ace Pro was pretty much like the OnePlus 10T, with a difference in market. Although we are hoping for a similar result this year, it ought to be based on the upcoming OnePlus 11T.

OnePlus is all set to offer 24GB of RAM on its upcoming device

Digital Chat Station, a well-known tipster, revealed this news over Weibo. He broke the news with an announcement of an upcoming device, the OnePlus Ace 2, with a RAM of 16GB. Although the top version will contain 24 GB of RAM.

Although this isn’t about virtual RAM at all, OnePlus tends to offer 24GB of LPDDR5X RAM with its upcoming devices. The company is all set to deliver the fastest RAM available on the market with this device.

Along with all these features, it will contain the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and 1 TB of internal storage will be available with the variant containing 24 GB of RAM. Along with that, we can hope for UFS 4.0 storage.

OnePlus will have a sizable display with a quick refresh rate, 120W fast charging, and other features

The smartphone will also include a sizable AMOLED display with a high refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. The phone will probably have a 5,000mAh battery and 120W fast wired charging. Regarding wireless charging, we’re not sure.

However, the OnePlus Ace Pro debuted in August of the previous year. Six days after the OnePlus 10T, it came. Therefore, the OnePlus 11T should debut in early August, followed by the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro, if OnePlus intends to maintain that pace.

Some of you may be curious as to whether the OnePlus 11T will support up to 24GB of RAM. That isn’t as likely, I suppose. If we were to speculate, we’d assume that it will only be available in that version or with up to 16GB of RAM globally. We shall see.