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OnePlus CEO Teases Design Details Of The Upcoming Flagship

While we approach the launch of the OnePlus 8 series next week, the company is taking advantage of this opportunity to share new tidbits every day. It’s all about design today — a post on CEO Pete Lau’s OnePlus forum goes into great detail describing why three main concepts it calls CMF (colour, material, finish) are so relevant and how they contribute to the coming flagships.

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It’s hard to argue that recent OnePlus handsets have been among the best-looking on the market, and if leaks are anything to go by, the OnePlus 8 series will continue this fine vein of form. According to OnePlus, its fifth-generation matte-frosted glass achieves a higher degree of haze (64-82%) than ever before, which apparently produces a gradual gradient effect and imbues a greater sense of depth. The post goes on to say that it “feels just as warm and comfortable as our first-generation Silk White back cover on the OnePlus One,” which unwittingly implies a lack of any meaningful innovation.

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The OnePlus 8’s curved 3D glass architecture is said to have a better grip and we would assume a thinner appearance as well. Ironically, it promises a lighter weight which is good to hear as the OnePlus 7 T Pro was still on the heavy hand. The Glacial Green colorway featured in the above video looks as good every bit as it did in the renders we’ve seen previously. Once they arrived at that, more than 100 variations of colour, texture, and haze were checked, but it would seem worth it.

We don’t have to wait long now before the phones are launched, not that there are likely to be a lot of surprises left — price leaks say that the OnePlus 8 series will be significantly more expensive than anything the company has published before. We are going to find out for sure during the live-streamed event on April 14.