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Microsoft Delays Its Plan To Launch New Windows 10X Operating System

Windows 10X

Microsoft was initially planning to launch the new operating system Windows 10X later this year. However, according to internal sources, the company has now decided to delay the original plan. Will the new OS ultimately succeed in Windows 10?

Windows 10X postponed

In October 2019, Microsoft not only introduced two new devices, but also a new operating system: Windows 10X. According to the company, the adapted version of Windows 10 should primarily be used on novel dual-screen laptops. The operation has been adjusted accordingly; the first device with Windows 10X the in-house Surface Neo should be on the market this year.

According to the latest reports now, however, this plan is off the table. Microsoft is said to have informed its employees internally that no device with Windows 10X will be on the market this year. Even though Microsoft has officially given no reason for the delay, the corona pandemic should be a decisive factor.

Windows 10X: New OS should now appear on classic laptops

However, the fact that the employees should have received a second piece of information is much more important. Microsoft seems to be shifting the focus from Windows 10X again and now wants to offer the new operating system on classic laptops without a second integrated screen.

A decision that is perfectly understandable. After all, the new dual-screen laptops are not likely to become a bestseller within the next few years. And if you look at how much work Microsoft puts into developing Windows 10X, it is understandable that you want to get the new OS running on as many mobile devices as possible.

However, the new variant will not be a complete replacement for Windows 10 Microsoft remains the same. When exactly we can now expect a market launch of Windows 10X, is not clear from the message. However, the first preview versions should already be in the works and can be installed on real hardware. An emulator is then no longer required.

This is how Windows 10X will look at the first place

Windows 10X
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