OnePlus is testing features powered by generative AI

Nowadays, tech companies are eager to explore and incorporate generative AI into their products and services. Besides several other companies, OnePlus is the latest to join this race. Reportedly, OneLab is the name of the company’s research body.

As per some recent pieces of information, the company is likely working on several AI-powered tools. The company is requesting that users share their feedback. A community post by OnePlus reads that the company is measuring the usability of its proposed AI features among European, North American, and Indian users.

In a statement, the company shared that OneLab is working on and improving the latest AI technology. The team has come forward with some great ideas. We would appreciate it if users shared their feedback and addressed the most useful features.

OnePlus is adopting generative AI

Reportedly, the company is working on numerous AI tools. The survey shows details and descriptions of the AI tools. We might soon get to experience the AI-powered features on OnePlus devices. The company is requesting that users rate the usability of AI tools from 1 to 10.

Notably, the company has included a personalized education app and an AI-based short video creator app in the survey. The business is also looking for user feedback on a number of AI browser addons for information fact-checking, including locating employment, determining whether an image on a website was produced by AI, and creating summaries of websites.

The survey is open to all users, irrespective of whether they use a OnePlus device or not. Besides this, the survey doesn’t require users to share personal information like age, gender, or country of residence. It is now evident that the company want to incorporate generative AI into its products. There is no information on which large language model the company will rely. The company could opt to build its own LLM or opt to design one based on OpenAI’s GPT-4. GPT-4 is currently employed by several companies in their chatbots, like Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot, ChatGPT, and many others.

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