OnePlus Open features support for a stylus


Several users were disappointed that the new OnePlus Open has no support for stylus. However, it seems like there is still some hope. This information comes from a Reddit user and was reshared by Mishaal Rahman. Well, this is quite strange since the company mentioned that the phone doesn’t support a stylus. On the other hand, the OPPO Find N3 has stylus support.

Notably, the OnePlus Open does have a ‘Stylus’ page in the settings. Naturally, Rashed341 thought it was strange and decided to investigate. Maybe the reason OnePlus stated it doesn’t support the OnePlus Open is because it doesn’t sell a stylus for it. However, you can pair the OnePlus Open with the OPPO Pen stylus if you can take it out of the OPPO Find N2. It lacks a pairing button; therefore, the OnePlus Stylo from the OnePlus Pad won’t function.

You still need to be careful

There is a possibility that the main display might be damaged over time by the stylus. Although this viewpoint has no basis, there is still a chance for it. The fact that OnePlus made no mention of a stylus could have a purpose. But that Stylus page is kind of strange. However, it’s possible that the business intends to release a stylus in the future.

In any case, the OPPO Pen is the best option if you truly want to use a stylus with the OnePlus Open—and we can understand why. However, since it’s not sold elsewhere in the US, it’s likely that if you live there you’ll have to import it.

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