OnePlus Z Midrange Smartphone Is Planned For July 2020

OnePlus Z

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus is now one of the big players in the business, and it has long been impossible to speak of a (quasi) startup. This also affects the pricing, because the current devices are no longer real bargains.

OnePlus presented its current models two weeks ago and the cheapest OnePlus 8 costs around 700 euros. If you want to own a OnePlus 8 Pro, you have to leaf through at least 900 euros. Many still think that this is an excellent price/performance ratio, but the competitive prices (PR keyword back then was known to be “flagship killer”) are now a long way off.

Not surprisingly, there have been rumors of a cheaper entry-level or mid-range model for a while now. Many expected that the Chinese would also launch a OnePlus 8 Lite in mid-April, but this was not the case.

If you still want a more affordable OnePlus device, you shouldn’t give up hope. Because a cheap smartphone from the manufacturer is probably not off the table yet. Max Jambor alias @MaxJmb , who works for AllAboutSamsung, has learned that a device called OnePlus Z is planned for July 2020.

He also posted a picture that should show the outline of the alleged OnePlus Z. It can be concluded from this that the device could have a punch-hole camera and a relatively wide frame. The name would undoubtedly be a nod to the OnePlus X, which the company launched in 2015, but which turned out to be quite a flop at the time.

The design is reminiscent of leaks from last December when the alleged device as OnePlus 8 Lite ended up in the media. Nothing is known about the specifications so far, but it would not be too risky to bet on a Snapdragon 765 processor.

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