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Online Application “Marham” To Bridge Gap Between Patient And Doctor

Difficult finding a suitable doctor nearby? Unable to contact a doctor for an appointment? Long waits before you are able to make an appointment?

Well, well here is the solution to your problem. An online application “Marham” has been established to bridge gap between patients and doctors. Through this application the users can find doctors nearby. Find which doctor is available at your time of need. Also appointments would be just a click away. You can book online and for further questions, medical need or any advice from International doctor related to your disease you can easily use the online forum.

There is also a Facebook forum for the app where people as well as experienced doctors can help you find the right medications for speedy recovery.  

Coming to the statistics of the App, every day around 400 to 500 appointments are made through this app in fifteen diverse cities. The Facebook platform is used for around 200 to 300 queries per day while between 1,000 and 2,000 users use this App each day as per Chief executive officer and co-founder of Marham, Ehsan Imam. Since the application was launched in January 2016 more than a million patients have been helped through it.

The idea of this application came to the founder when his own father needed medical help and the family has trouble finding best doctors and making appointments with them. He said there was no proper mechanism except word of mouth.

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So initially they established the Facebook platform which gained popularity. People used it to ask queries and make suggestions. The Facebook forum then build the path for the online application which now has more than 10,000 doctors and their accurate data confirmed by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

Now the Marham founders is expanding the App to smaller cities and working with the doctors of those cities to provide effective information to the people.

The App has improved the process of making appointments and reduced the distance between the patient and the doctor. Also now they will to improve medical tourism through the App as per Imam.