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Chrome 56 aiming to make your connection secure

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The transactions made through the internet are always prone to hacking. People in general ignore all the trigger warnings before it is too late. Luckily, the browsers are here to help in making digital transactions more secure. Google and Mozilla have come forward with new measures to make the internet users know about websites that are vulnerable to hacking.

The latest updates of Chrome and Firefox web browsers, that is version 56 and 51 the users will be told if they are submitting their information over insecure HTTP connections. HTTPS protocol is the most secure when submitting information over the internet. The beta versions of the web browsers already have these working but now, they are shifting to the primary browser version. They will be available to great number of users, now.

Chrome 56 will update in the coming week

Firefox 51 came this week. Mozilla added a grey lock icon with a red strike to show the insecure HTTP sites that ask for user passwords. In previous versions the browser showed no lock icon in case of insecure HTTP sites. “Logins entered on this page could be compromised” says the tab when clicked. Chrome 56 is updating the warning to be more prominent in case of HTTP sites asking for login information. They have also added websites that ask for credit card details as well. Chrome never did label insecure HTTP connections in its previous versions.

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Studies hint out that most internet users will not look at the secure warnings on their browser. People also become blind to warnings that appear too frequently. The Chrome 56 update will also extend HTTP warnings to incognito mode where users want more privacy. The browser plans to label all HTTP pages as non-secure and turn the security indicator to red. This is the case for broken HTTPS making them more prominent.

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