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Open Source Software [OSS] is gaining popularity

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OSS stands for open source software. According to new research, nowadays most apps are built using open source software. Thus, indicating its significance.

GitHub Octaverse released a report on the state of open source software. According to the 2022 report of GitHub Octoverse, almost 90% of Fortune 100 companies rely on OSS to some degree. The difference is quite huge as compared to the 2012 report of GitHub. Where it indicated that companies only used OSS to run their web servers. As of the year 2022, almost 413 million OSS contributions have been made to GitHub. This quantity refers to the 94 million users of the platform.

As per the report, the OSS projects backed by commercials rank at the top. Thus, indicating that almost one-third of the Fortune 100 companies rely on open source program offices (OSPO) to synchronize their OSS approaches.  

Commercially backed projects are popular among first-time contributors. It makes up around one-half of their work.

Though, it may sound good. But the situation is worrisome. As per the 2022 report of Synopsis Open Source Security and Risk Analysis [OSSRA], though, the vulnerabilities are decreasing by 3% per year. Still, more than 80% of codebases are still reported with at least one vulnerability. However, the results could still be considered somewhat satisfying. As we can observe a drop in high-risk vulnerabilities. Around an 11% drop is reported [referring to high-risk vulnerabilities]. This might be due to a lack of proper protection and support. It was investigated that almost 88% of codebases showed no sign of updates in the last 24 months.

According to Martin Woodward, VP of Developer Relations at GitHub, OSS is the foundation basis for 99% of the software in the world. Quite a large number of benefits are associated with open source ranging from providing a robust and flexible environment for work to collaboration among developers on an international scale.

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