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Opera Adds ChatGPT Into Browser’s SideBar

After Microsoft integrated the ChatGPT AI program into its Bing search engine, the developers of the Opera web browser also want to integrate the tool into their product. With the chatbot, pages, and texts opened in the current tab can be summarized.

This emerges from the official announcement in the Opera blog. The developers want to build several functions into the browser based on artificial intelligence. The first feature is text shortening. In the future, a button can be found in the sidebar that starts a conversation with ChatGPT and prompts the bot to briefly summarize the displayed website.

ChatGPT also in Opera mobile app

Opera demonstrated the feature in a video. The new feature is set to be integrated into both the mobile apps and the desktop version of the browser. It is unclear when ChatGPT will be included in the final Opera builds. At the moment, not all users can use AI ​​integration. It also remains unclear which other features will soon be found in the browser.

Just a few days ago, Microsoft announced that it would be equipping its Bing search engine and the Edge browser with AI features. The Redmond-based company uses the GPT-3 variant for this. While ChatGPT was trained on older data sets, the version used by Microsoft can also access current topics and search the internet for information. Bing should not only answer the query entered but also output the associated sources.

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