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Opera might soon receive its own ChatGPT version

After Microsoft, various other browsers are looking out for ways to integrate the services of ChatGPT. Basically, ChatGPT is a chatbot. since its release it has taken the internet in a storm. As of now, some reports suggest that soon Opera might consider to integrate ChatGPT into its web browsers.

As per news reports from CNBC and Neowin, Kunlun Tech intends to incorporate well-known ChatGPT into its products. Besides this information, nothing is known which products will receive the integration for ChatGPT. It is uncertain whether the AI chatbot makes its way towards the Opera GX browsers or some other products by the company.

Obviously, this declaration is a result of recent strategies adopted by Microsoft and Google. Microsoft has already announced its partnership with OpenAI. It will integrate the ChatGPT services into Bing and Edge. Where Google has just introduced Bard. In addition to this, some reports even indicate that Baidu [Chinese search engine] and Alibaba [Chinese firm] will soon introduce their unique versions of ChatGPT clones.

With the increase in popularity of ChatGPT, tech giants are heading to either introduce their unique versions of ChatGPT, or incorporate the present services with the AI chatbot.

The most recent data from Statcounter, highlights the stats about the present market share of Opera in the browser market. As per this information,Opera holds a 3.41% market share. It is the lowest among the major browsers. If the company goes towards integration of ChatGPT, then it could bump up the browser to some numbers. But it will be only the case when the Opera browser provides an exceptionally good experience in contrast to other competitors.

Well, this are all just assumptions. Since there is no clue which products will receive the AI treatment. But given the fact that already the major browsers have rolled out the similar versions, Opera could be the next in line.

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