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Outlook for Windows: App now works with private accounts

Microsoft has been working on a brand new Outlook app for Windows for quite some time now. Although the program was made available in the Microsoft Store in June until now the software could only be used in combination with Microsoft 365.

That has now changed. From now on, users with a personal account will also have the opportunity to try out the renewed Outlook for Windows app. According to Agiornamenti Lumia, such accounts can now be added easily.

The client is based on Outlook Web and includes calendar integration. The project was developed under the code name Monarch. In time, the Redmond-based company will probably replace the existing mail client with Outlook for Windows and replace it with a uniform variant.

Despite the appearance of the web interface, users can make some customizations. Among other things, the ribbon interface can be customized so that its appearance is similar to that of conventional Outlook. The app is currently in the beta phase.

To use Outlook for Windows, a minimum of Windows 10 version 1809 is required. Of course, there is also the possibility to use the new application on Windows 11 systems.

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