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Overwatch League switches tournament format

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The Overwatch League will change to a tournament position for May with prize cash and season playoff seeding suggestions in question. The seven Asia-based groups (the Chinese and Korean groups, alongside the all-Korean London Spitfire and New York Excelsior crews) will go up against one another, while the 13 different establishments will fight in the North America tournament.

Matches over the initial three ends of the week will decide seeding for the competition, which takes May 22nd-24th. The main four groups will win prize cash, with the victors of every tournament gathering up $40,000. Groups will likewise procure $5,000 for each triumph during the competition.

So far in 2020, groups have been playing for their season records. Games over the initial three days of May will at present check towards by and large win-loss records. Actual competition matches won’t, yet the main four crews in every area will gain extra successes towards season playoff qualification.

The association is likewise suspending hero pools for the competition end of the week, so players will approach each of the 32 characters. Matches will adhere to the standard first-to-three-maps format, put something aside for the finals, which will be first to four.

With the transition to a homestand format this year, where groups were to play all matches at live occasions in their home cities, the Overwatch League jettisoned the configuration of earlier years, which had three sets of mid-season playoffs with prize cash and stage titles on the line. In any case, after only half a month of homestands, the COVID-19 episode incited the group to change to online-only play for the remainder of the period and drop plans for a $1.05 million mid-season competition.

The May competition may restore enthusiasm among passed watchers, as it brings back week-to-week stakes. Viewership this season hasn’t exactly been hitting the statures of 2018 and 2019 after the Overwatch League moved from Twitch to YouTube. Simultaneous watchers for a match on Sunday were around 22,000 at a certain point. Viewership was ordinarily in any event in the high five figures in 2018 and 2019.

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