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Will courts in Pakistan block Facebook or not? News full of controversies

Pakistan Block Facebook

While the air has been warmed since the news on blasphemy and hate speech spreading in Pakistan, would the courts in Pakistan block Facebook or not?

Would Courts in Pakistan Block Facebook or Not

Some recent pieces of evidence showed that several pages have been posting blasphemy content and hate speeches. The matter, however, was soon brought to the attention of the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

Sources said that Nisar Ali Khan requested Facebook to provide details of such hate-provoking account holders and remove those content from their network. However, Facebook has denied providing any such information.

Another source tells that Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had provided the Interior Minister with a report on some fake picture of several high-level judiciaries.

Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan also approached the US officials to look into the matter. But no word had come up from either party. The minister showed his annoyance on this ignorance from these two bodies.

“It seems that social media is working under Freedom to Lie rather than freedom of expression,” said the minister in an interview.

While some sources are still talking about blocking Facebook in Pakistan, others are telling a whole different story.

On March 11, The News published a news telling that Facebook and YouTube have been cooperating this time at least 6 Facebook pages have been blocked.

Another source tells that around 70 such pages from Facebook has now being removed.

Although petitioners are requesting courts in Pakistan to block Facebook until all such content is removed, the decision still awaits.

The New System of Filtering Abusive Content in Pakistan

The Interior Minister, Nisar Ali Khan has advised Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to create a system where no one is threatened to speak freely. While the freedom of speech is important to the nation, this right must also not be misused.

The Interior Minister also added that a local version of social media networks should be introduced in the country.

Twitter to Filter Abusive Content

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