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Pakistan could be A Knowledge Centre of the Region—US Ambassador

David Hale—Ambassador—the United States expressed that governments come and go but the more secure ties are with people especially in the sectors of business and education other than anything.

While addressing at the reception held in Islamabad on Friday to celebrate the National Entrepreneurship Month and Global Entrepreneurship Week.

He mentioned that individual entrepreneurs would be the ones to ensure Pakistan’s economic stability by creating new job opportunities and reaching their aims.

Hale was awarded on behalf of the US mission to Pakistan from the Global Entrepreneurship Network Pakistan for the efforts the mission put to accelerate and spread the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.

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He applauded on the entrepreneurial ties that Pakistan and the United States share and stressed on the significance of the economic growth and strength of all the members of the society as they lay the basis of the country’s stability, prosperity, and security.

The Ambassador highlighted that Pakistan could be a knowledge center of the region. He encouraged the Pakistani delegates to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad—India form the 28th till the 30th of November 2017.

The summit is based on the theme of “Women First, Prosperity for All”. As per the US mission women entrepreneurship is being promoted via programmes such as WECREATE Centre in the capital—Islamabad, “Women Can Do”—a series of skill-building seminars for above four thousand Pakistani women and the Tech Women type exchange programmes which have been attended by the women of Pakistan in California, San Francisco this year.

Shah Rukh—CEO-SmarTech she has visited the United States along with other women entrepreneurs to attend the exchange programmes.

Another entrepreneur—Sadia Bashir—the first women to start and make an academy on animated games expressed that she made this business a reality by the support of US entrepreneurship.
She has so far not made any game at the international standards, but she has been successful with her developed games in the local market.

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