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Pakistan ICT Report: Pakistan Is Still Ranked 112 According To Global IT Report 2015

Despite the fact that Pakistan is heading towards ICT enabled state, the emergence of IT systems, ICT companies, Internet penetration, Mobile Usage and startups are all the precursors of ICT promotion creating opportunities for Pakistan to excel in IT sector however, the report reveals some shocking figures. Pakistan is still far behind on a global stage, it also indicated that most of Pakistan’s population is in rural area where information technology will take ages to thrive. Overall Pakistan has a long way ahead to compete in the global market.

This is true that Pakistani freelancers are contributing $1 billion in the economy what could be the figures if Pakistan stands at better position in Global IT Report.


Pakistan is ranked at 112 out of 143 countries, in Networked Readiness Index (NRI). There are 10 key indicators to measure (NRI). Unfortunately Pakistan is far behind in this, Pakistan better ranks in affordability and Business & Innovation environment. Pakistan is also lagging behind in Skills and Infrastructure which are vital for ICT success.




On contrary India has much better position than Pakistan, India is ranked at 89th position out of 143. In India affordability is unbeatable; they have better position in Skills, Government Usage and Social Impacts.




In government promotion of ICT Pakistan is ranked at 89 which is better than many countries, but still government should engage rigorously in order to promote ICT. Pakistan has immense levels of potential that is yet to discover which could only be possible with parallel governmental support.

The impact of ICT on new services and products is not remarkable either, 94th in this index still requires huge transformation.


New companies, ideas, innovation, entrepreneurship and startups are the building blocks in promoting ICT however, the availability of venture capital in the country servers as catalyst. Pakistan is at 92nd position in this index. Again, government, large organizations, businesses and investors should take part in providing venture capital that could change the dynamics of their country and business environment in future.

Pakistan is better than China in this race, availability of latest technologies are better in Pakistan as compared to neighbors like China and Bangladesh. This is because Chinese government put heavy restrictions on the usage and availability of latest technologies. Pakistan can make a effective use of these opportunities to climb up faster on the ladder.



Pakistan can become one of the top nations in ICT industry it’s hard though but not unattainable, the future is in ICT, government must understand this notion and devise country’s digital strategy. Capitalists should also come out of their la la land and think about technology and its future; they should invest in technology to secure the future of their coming generations.



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