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Panasonic Still Develop TVs Despite Outsourcing In Europe

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The Japanese electronics group Panasonic wants to remain a leading supplier despite outsourcing a large part of its production of TV sets. Comment on reports of an outsourcing deal with TCL said the quality would remain the same.

Panasonic has reacted to a report by the Japanese economic service Nikkei Asia, according to which the company is outsourcing the production of its televisions on a large scale to its Chinese partner TCL. We also reported accordingly. The article stated that TCL will in the future be cooperating with Panasonic on a large scale in terms of development and will take over the lion’s share of production.

No exit from TV business, R&D continues in Japan & Germany

The German subsidiary of Panasonic announced that the report did not contain anything that the company had previously officially communicated. There is a constant search for ways to keep the television business profitable. Panasonic is outsourcing the construction of its televisions in order to improve profitability in this market segment and to open up further growth opportunities.

The company assured that the research and development around TV sets will be advanced both in Europe, i.e. at the German location in Langen, and in Japan. The aim is to continue to offer customers the leading image quality that they are used to from Panasonic and that they expect in the future.

Nikkei Asia reported that Panasonic plans to close additional TV manufacturing plants in Asia and Europe. In the future, only two locations in Malaysia and Taiwan should remain, whereby these would concentrate on the production of OLED-based devices for the Japanese market. Allegedly, Panasonic will only manufacture around one million TV sets per year, of which only around 30 percent will come from its own production, it was also said.

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