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Blackberry: The privacy shade app we need

privacy shade app

Blackberry introduced the Privacy shade app which is a clever solution for stopping peepers from looking over the screen while we’re using the phone. The privacy shade app is very simple to use and stops people from reading what you’re doing on your screen. In a word where the smartphone screens are becoming larger, this is the need of the hour. Anyone with the privacy shade app operating can pick the shade of the circle or a lateral bar that extends horizontally over the screen. It becomes the viewable area. Everything is shaded outside of the area of your work. Users can adjust the darkness level for the screen by switching to completely blocking out or using slightly opaque shades.

Privacy shade app helps in blacking out the rest of the screen

If you want to view the rest of the screen all you have to do is drag the viewable area around. One option is to shade the viewable area as well until you hold the screen down. After you’re done using the phone the user can turn the app off by bringing down the quick setting panel. The quick panel setting from the top of the screen has the option to switch the app on or off.

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Through this APK you can download the app for your blackberry device. This is such a simple and thoughtful tool that we hope every phone offers this soon as a standard feature. We’re looking forward for some developers to borrow the idea and enhance it for every version of phones that caters to the masses. If you’re running APK files in your smartphone then we recommend downloading the awesome app right now. It surely helps wad off unwanted attention to what you’re doing on your phone.

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