PayPal Launches New App Features For Users

PayPal App

The payment service provider PayPal has recently received increasing pressure from competitors and is therefore trying to position itself better. An important element of this is a significantly expanded app for smartphone users.

Among other things, the PayPal app has a new overview page from which the user can access various known and new functions. Here, however, information is also provided at first glance about current credit balances and upcoming regular payments for installment purchases. The connected means of payment and your own activities are listed in the wallet area.

There is a new function that PayPal users can use to get in touch with one another. In the case of private transactions, it is now possible for the sender and recipient to chat with each other directly in the app. This should make short-term agreements in various situations much easier than before.

Collecting donations made easy

In addition, PayPal has integrated an option into the new app, whereby payments can be initiated simply with a QR code, with which the company wants to step out of the often pure online business and gain a stronger foothold in offline trading. PayPal also wants to simplify the transfer of donations to charitable organizations in the new app. For this purpose, the Generosity Network, which has been in existence in the USA for some time, is also being started in Germany. Here, users can organize donation campaigns for themselves or for the benefit of third parties.

Each campaign can collect up to 20,000 euros over a period of 30 days. The donated money is then sent directly to the initiator’s PayPal account so that the funds can easily be used for the desired purpose. The new app should be available to all users in Germany in the coming weeks.