PayPal To Penalize Inactive Users With Up To 12 Euros Fine


The payment service provider PayPal has long been one of the pillars of the Internet economy and accordingly many have an account there. However, this is not always used, which is why PayPal would like to take action against the card members in some countries – and for a fee.

PayPal is not only convenient but also safe, which means that many of us use the service regularly. But there is certainly also one or the other who has set up an account at some point but lets it gather dust virtually. PayPal now wants to force them to become active or to close an account.

A fine of twelve euros is possible

The penalty fee of twelve euros is unlikely to affect too many: As Money Saving Expert reports, you only have to be active on your account once a year to avoid this. The definition of activity is relatively broad: This includes not only withdrawals, receiving and sending money, but also simple logging in. So if you visit your account once within twelve consecutive months, you can keep an unused or hardly used account without negative financial consequences.

In addition, PayPal will only demand such a fee if there is a credit in the respective account. PayPal does not access a connected bank account or credit card. Ultimately, only that part of the credit that is actually in the account is no longer applied.

Not in Germany and Austria

After all, the fee introduced in the new usage guidelines that will come into force on December 16, 2020, does not apply to all countries: Great Britain, Ireland, and Hungary are explicitly excluded, compared to the standard PayPal has also confirmed that this does not apply to Germany and Austria either. As mentioned, this should not affect too many people.