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How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign for any Business

Email marketing campaign

Business is incomplete without marketing and Email marketing Campaign is the ultimate solution. Nobody will recognize your products no matter how higher your quality standards are and how much beneficial your products are for the people. Neglecting marketing can cost you higher, while investing in it significantly increases the chances of unleashing your market potential.  It’s a misconception that marketing requires immense budget and you can’t launch a marketing campaign with a limited budget. The reality is quite different as it depends on your marketing strategy and the marketing mode. Email marketing is one of the oldest, successful, and cheap marketing channels that promises you for exceptional results. The article will discuss the key components of a successful email marketing campaign for any business.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Low-cost marketing channel includes no bills of prints, billboards, and TV channels
  • Targeted campaigns encircle only those who subscribe the brand
  • Facility of categorizing customers according to their interest
  • Easy to create and easy to share
  • It doesn’t require a big team for promotion only a person can run it successfully
  • Professional and direct mode of communication
  • High return on investment

Effective Tips for Email Marketing

After much deliberate effort from various sources, we have managed to eke out some of the most effective and groundbreaking tips which may aid in a successful email campaign.

Always Start with an Objective

Amongst the founding pillars of a successful email campaign, the one which holds primal importance is the one, to which we call clarity of objectives. You must be completely aware of the main goal as what is the actual purpose of sending the emails. Some people are of the view that the subject line brings more clicks to the email irrespective of the content written in the email and vice versa. It is indeed wrong as only those email get clicks and garner impressions which have both the clear subject line and the quality content written in it. Most importantly, the trick you need to play here should be played wisely. Do strike on the soft part of the recipient by putting more and more content related to their issues and problems and see the clicks pouring in.

 Clear Subject Line

Using a clear subject line, helps the recipient to quickly skim through the content you have written in the email and if the content is good enough to sell the product mentioned in the email, the recipient will definitely opt for it without giving any second thought to any other product with much explanatory content. That’s why, the subject line always matters but the body should also be coherent with the subject line.

 Use Images

If you are selling a product, advertising for an academy or a school or fundraising for a shelter home, back the content and the subject with the power of images. No matter how busy a person may be, the eyes will still force him to visualize the images and in this way, you can get clicks by challenging the resistance of visual stimuli to ignore any visual representation.

Choose Right Email Marketing Software

Different types of CRM systems are available with various kinds of features. Simple and complex database models are designed to fulfill the needs of marketing campaign. Nowadays, email database and email behavior campaigns are necessary factors while you can’t neglect the importance of certain features like shopping cart, affiliate carts, and information on interest option. AWeber, Mail Chimp, and Infusionsoft are some famous and useful CRM systems to share your marketing burden and ensure consistent outcomes.

Prime Time to Send Emails

Many marketing companies send emails during working hours as they think the majority of the customers are login from their official email accounts. However, the reality is quite different and research reports structured by the Experian Marketing Service prove that the time between 8pm to midnight is the best time for sending emails as they received the maximum response from the clients in these hours.


Optimize Your Email for Mobile Users

The research report of Litmus claims that the chances of opening the email remarkably get higher if it’s mobile optimized. The report shows encouraging results with 47 percent positive response by the mobile users. To optimize your email, convert it into one column template and set a font size that ensures the readability on mobile phones. Moreover, easy tap for call to action and understanding with ergonomics provide ease to the mobile user.


Segmenting Email List

Segmenting your email list saves your time and efforts. You can segment the list according to the interest of the users, their location, buying behavior, and profession. Segmenting email lists raises the chances of sales and accesses only the right customer without irritating them.

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Exaggerate: Avoid overhyped subject lines as this strategy is beneficial only for a few campaigns. A catchy subject with a useless offer lessens your potential customers because an appealing subject line significantly higher the expectation level and when the reader finds something else his/her trust level on the brand decreases. Never compromise over your credibility for just a few clicks.

Product Focused Email: Client-oriented businesses grow rapidly as they give a reason to customers to buy them. Give the client more than his/her expectations and state how much beneficial your products are, for them. Slow response to queries and extremely brief answers are major reasons of lowering the customer interest.

Formatting Mistakes: Personalization issues are very common when you are using an automatic email system. Personalization tags in the message give a rude and non-professional behavior. Test emails or selection of a reputable marketing platform are useful solutions of the problem.


Social media is known as the latest and the easiest way of marketing due to the instant response of the people, but it’s a noisy platform too due to the presence of millions of people. Email marketing is a smooth and reliable mode with the targeted audience and no chaos. All you need is an intelligent strategy and understanding with your client’s needs. Moreover, it doesn’t discriminate between small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations.

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