Philips Hue Lights will receive new features

The lighting company Signify claims that soon a new feature will be introduced to the Philips Hue app. The new feature is reported to enhance the user experience. it will enable users to gain more control of the brightness of their spaces. In addition to this, a Hue automation update is also on its way. It aims to introduce more nuance to motion sensor inductions.

A new brightness balancer will soon be introduced to the Philips Hue lights. Using this balancer, users can customize the settings of individual light brightness in a specified area. It indicates that the light can now be controlled individually rather than as a group. The company states that the new feature is introduced on users’ requests. Since the users were asking for more controlled experiences while doing different activities like watching a movie, listening to music, or gaming.

Users can now dim or dark the lights with the brightness balancer. When synchronizing lights to videos, games, or music, users may “make lights that have higher lumens dim lower than lights with lower lumens,” according to Signify. This feature gives users control over what gets the most attention.

Additionally, an upcoming upgrade to the Philips Hue bridge will give consumers additional flexibility over motion-activated lighting automation. As of now, two different time slots are supported by motion sensors. They have support for daytime and night for automatic lighting conditions. The latest update will introduce ten different time slots. In this way, users will have more control over the lighting conditions of their spaces. Users can select natural light as one of the time slots. It will imitate the sun all through the day.

According to the company, both features will be rolled out later this summer.

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