Opera introduces Opera One: the new version of its browser

Opera has officially introduced the Opera One browser today. According to the latest information, the new browser features native support for artificial intelligence as well as some amazing features in contrast to other competitors.

Opera One has introduced Aria. It is a first-of-its-kind native browser AI. According to developers, Aria can be stimulated with a command line. Additionally, users can also access it from the browser sidebar. It is based on OpenAI’s GPT technology to help with web searches. The press release states that Aria is equally compatible with the web as well as browser search. Users can use AI while searching for their queries over the internet. When it comes to customer service, Aria is familiar with the entirety of Opera’s support documentation database and leverages the company’s most recent product knowledge to respond to queries from users.

How is the new version different?

Mac users can get access to Aria via the Command-/ keyboard shortcut. They will be presented with an overlay that will aid them to interact with Aria. Furthermore, Aria is also equipped with access to ChatGPT in the browser sidebar. Besides this, the company has introduced a new Tab Islands feature. It is reported to be the 100th version of Opera. It modifies the user experience with browser tabs. Users can move tabs about, collapse islands to make them small so they can be returned later, or store islands into bookmarks or pinboards to keep related tabs together based on context.

The developers claim that the new modular architecture of Opera One is “ready for a generative AI-based future.” It enables the browser to dynamically adapt to users’ demands by only bringing the most important functions to the foreground. A new multithreaded compositor is also present. It helps with the goal of producing a user interface layer that is quicker and more smooth. Users can access Opera One from the company’s website for free. The company website includes different download links for macOS, Windows, and Linux versions.

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