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Phone Movements could be Tracked for Predicting Personality Traits

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Researchers in a first have made use of the smartphones and their movements for tracking sensors for predicting the personality traits.

Researchers from the RMIT University in Australia made use of data from smartphone’s accelerometer sensors that track the movements throughout the day for step-counting and same kind of apps and forecasted the 5 personality traits of the phone owner.

Flora Salim—one of the researchers said that the activities like how fast or the distance covered in walking, or when the phones are picked and used during the night often abides the patterns and these patterns define a lot about the personality type.

According to the Science Alert, the team studied 52 phone habits of the people for more than a year. Each of the study participants was provided with a phone with sensing and collection software on it that gave the analysing team the accelerometer data on when and how much the phone was moved.

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The count of number and time of days of all calls and messages was also tracked and the analysis participants also filled out a Big 5 Survey for scoring their personalities. The results were studied on the basis of Big 5 personality traits, including the openness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness, as per the reports of Science Daily.

The team identified from the analysis that people having regular movements on weekday evenings were recognized as more introverted, while the extroverts displayed random patterns. Agreeable people often had more random activity patterns and were found busier on weekends and weekday evenings than others.

Creative and curious people made and received fewer calls in comparison to others.

Also, compassionate and friendly women made more outgoing calls than others, whereas organized people were found tend not to contact the same person often in a short span of time.

Sensitive or neurotic females were found more prone to checking or moving their phone regularly well into the night, after midnight, whereas the sensitive or neurotic males did the complete opposite.

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