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PIA Banned Social Media Use for its Employees

General Manager Compensation of the Pakistan International Airline has banned the use of social media for the company employees as reported by a local News Channel.

As per the released notification, employees would not be able to use social media applications like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp along with many more social media websites.

The employees are told to abide by the ruling strictly or else would be treated with severe action.

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The sources of the national flag carrier inform that the ban has been put into effect by the General Manager Compensation in order to keep the issues related to corruption and incompetence distant and hidden from public knowledge.

Pakistan International Airlines remains in limelight because of issues now and then. The whole institution has suffered immensely because of the negligence and ignorance of the ruling and higher authorities.

PIA has been striving to build back its image and to regain its position, however, it seems every time something good is done by the airline the next moment that is followed by some other controversy.

Recently the airline was appreciated and was in good talks for its gestures like the “Santa on Board” during the New Year time span or the “Birth of a Baby Girl on Board”. But again, issues came to light including the “unhealthy on-board kitchen”.

Pakistan International Airlines has seen and enjoyed good times. It has milestones in the aviation industry. It was the first airline of Asia to fly the Lockheed Super Constellation and the first non-communist airline to provide flights to the Republic of China.

It is Pakistan’s largest airline and has a fleet of more than thirty aeroplanes. As of 2016, it has been going through privatization shifts. It provides flights to twenty-two local and twenty-eight international destinations across continents. It operates nearly hundred flights on a regular basis.

PIA’s business has suffered as the Gulf airlines have captured its market locally. The airline is under huge financial debts which need to be paid so that the airline could thrive again.

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