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Skype to add a new option for end-to-end encrypted conversations

A leading IT company Microsoft announced that the users of its product Skype will soon be able to make their Skype chat as secure as conversations on Signal.

The company has announced to integrate the open source signal protocol into test versions of Skype as “Private Conversations” for end-to-end encrypted communications, while other companies like Google, WhatsApp, Facebook and Signal itself are already using the open source Signal protocol, which helps users to make their chat secure.

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This new update will come with some restrictions like the company can’t allow you turn your existing chat into a private chat, and must start each one by sending a request to one who is in your contact list.

If your conversation is secured and you switch platforms [devices], you’ll have to send a new request to make your conversation secure again.

And the final thing is, Secured Conversations or Private Conversations are currently available in preview only for the service’s beta tester community which is called Skype Insiders.

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