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Careem is launching Rickshaw Service in Rawalpindi

Careem is about to launch rickshaw service in Rawalpindi and surroundings. The company is hiring/registering now potential candidates who wish to earn extra income under Careem’s banner.

People with Rickshaw can not register with Careem anytime and make extra income from the collaboration.

Earnings For Captains

If you own and ride a rickshaw, it’s now an opportunity for you to get definite income. If you are 8 hours online daily and pick up 11 rides you can get 2000 per day.

If you are 4 hours online and pick up 5 rides, then you can earn 900 per day.

Even if you drive rickshaw at your own convenience you can still make some extra money with Careem.

Requirements for Registration

There is no model specific and other documents requirements to register currently, Careem just need Original CNIC of the driver, profile picture of the driver, Rickshaw picture, phone number and a smartphone. If you have these things, you are good to go with Careem.

Training and Registrations

You can get registered at Peshawar road branch, Saddar Branch, and Chandni Chowk branch. The training for rickshaw drivers is also being held in these branches.

Get registered and start training today, earn more money with Careem.