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PIA Delivered a Baby Girl—And It’s the First Time

On Tuesday a woman during a commercial international flight from Madinah, Saudi Arabia to Multan, Pakistan gave birth to a baby girl.

Pakistan International Airlines in one of its statement released on their Twitter page said that miracles happen now and then, and our miracle was the birth of the little girl on our flight PK 716 from Madinah to Multan.

The cabin crew helped with the emergency delivery. The lucky parents were delighted and expressed their happiness and gratitude to the cabin crew members who helped with the delivery.

As happens the congratulations were followed by the queries that why the woman was permitted to travel on the flight when she was full-term.



Mashood Tajwar—PIA Spokesperson said that the Civil Aviation—Medical professionals informed the airline that the delivery was premature.

He further clarified that the woman did not look full-term to the crew staff the time when the lady boarded the plane.

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Mr. Tajwar mentioned that due to weather conditions the flight was diverted to Karachi, where the mother and the baby were properly checked by the doctors and after the examination, they were given a go signal for traveling further to Multan.

Earlier this year, an Indian lady who was around thirty-two weeks pregnant gave birth on Jet Airways flight between Dammam, Saudi Arab to Kochi, India.

Jet Airways rejoicing the occasion gifted the born child a free for life air travel on the airline.

The PIA spokesperson for this said that airline to airline policies differ.

The airline has also released a video and has named the baby girl “Jannat” on the request of the lucky parents.

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