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Sonic Eye: Pakistani Student creates a device for visually impaired

A device has been created by a Pakistani student from Peshawar. The device aid people who are visually impaired. It helps them walk with ease.

The name of this device is Sonic Eye. It is a white stick with a navigation device attached to it. Also, there is a sensor that buzzes whenever the visually impaired person will encounter an object in close proximity.

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The student who has created this device is Hafsa Jamal. She said that she is also working on a mobile app that will allow the visually impaired to move and commute with the help of their phone. So there will be no need for any stick.

There are many apps now being introduced to ease health solutions in Pakistan. In the past year, students from Karachi University created many apps. One of them was a website named DockKnock created by Mehak Shakeel and Nashra Ghauri. The aim of the website was to help patients to contact with the respective doctors online, thus treatment of any disease and illness became easier.

Now Hafsa Jamal wants to make life easier for visually handicapped individuals. She is introducing navigational devices on daily used items like currency notes, cameras to aid in identifying any obstacle.

Pakistani students are making us proud in all fields. Recently 4 Pakistanis were featured in Forbes 30 under 30 list and received global acknowledgment. Thus the youth of Pakistan should be encouraged and helped so that they can achieve milestones.

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