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Pixel 5: the gap “is part of the design” according to Google

Pixel 5 Screen gap

The gap between the screen and the body of the Pixel 5 is “a normal design element” according to Google. The firm is reacting to numerous feedbacks from users who complain about the problem – supporting photos – on their unit. The firm assures users that this has no effect on water or dust resistance or the operation of the smartphone as a whole.

Each smartphone launch is generally accompanied, the first weeks, of course, by chronic shortages, but also by the discovery of bugs, faults, and other problems. Google is no exception with its Pixel 5, even if one wonders, in the case, we discuss in this article, if the quality control is really sufficient.

Since the smartphone’s release on October 15, many users have complained about an astonishing flaw: there is a fairly large gap between the screen and the Pixel 5’s chassis on some units. As you can see in the front page image of this article, there is enough space for the assembly to give the impression that the screen is coming off, or has been incorrectly installed at the factory.

Pixel 5: the “display gap” problem does not affect the operation of the smartphone

Some users less worried about the design than the lifespan of their device then asked Google if this could affect the resistance to water and dust. While regretting that a brand new device and as premium as the Pixel 5 can show such flaws.

A member of the Google teams ended up responding in a discussion thread on the firm’s official forums: “We were able to analyze devices that customers referred to us and, in connection with our data from quality control at the factory, we can confirm that the variation of the tolerance between the body of the smartphone and the screen is a normal part of the design of your Pixel 5 ”, explains the expert.

He is reassured about the problems that these variations could cause: “It has no impact on the resistance to water and dust or the functionality of your phone,” says Google. Of course, some of the users may be disappointed that Google does not recognize this as a flaw, closing the door to possible replacements of some units.

The firm nevertheless extends its hand to discussions with targeted users, on an individual basis: “we will work with clients on an individual basis to respond to any problem they may encounter”. The reaction of affected customers is quite varied. Some customers who have just received their device say on the official forums that they think “return it” – while others explain that they will try to get a trade-in. The reassuring point, in a way, is that these devices presented the problem right out of the box and the gap between the screen and the chassis has visibly not worsened according to user feedback.