Pixel Tablet users will soon be able to use stylus

The Google Pixel Tablet fulfills many requirements (see how many in our review), but there is one feature that users have been clamoring for. Although it doesn’t now accept styluses, that will soon change. Mishaal Rahman claims that the Pixel Tablet will soon enable styluses.

The Pixel 4 is the fourth addition to the Pixel ecosystem and the first tablet released by Google in a while. It stands out because of the accompanying charging dock, which also serves as a speaker and charges the device. It will essentially become a Nest Hub speaker while docked. You can buy one of these well-reviewed gadgets for just $499.

Pixel tablet will be able to support stylus soon

Sometimes people want to use something other than their fingers to interact with their tablet. People who want to sign documents, make handwritten notes, or draw can greatly benefit from using a stylus. This is why Google’s decision to put this tablet through the USI (Universal Stylus Initiative) certification process was a sensible one.

Despite receiving certification, the tablet cannot be used with styluses right out of the box. The certification caused a lot of confusion among people. Don’t worry, your wait will soon come to an end if you acquire this tablet with the intention of writing on it. Google’s tablet plans are revealed in a tweet from Android analyst Mishaal Rahman.

Google is prepared to launch that as well, as the tweet states. You’ll discover a new option when you access your settings in the Connected Devices area. The settings for your stylus can be changed. To determine how the settings should be changed, you can practice writing on the tablet. Although there is no set release date for this new function, it shouldn’t take too long.

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