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Plex Starts Free Live TV Service

Plex Free TV

The popular media streaming platform Plex yesterday announced a brand new live TV service. A large number of TV channels are to be received free of charge via the service, which further expands the already large range of Plex.

The ability to receive over 80 television channels as a live stream is the latest announcement from the Plex streaming platform. This new service is immediately available to Plex users worldwide and can be used free of charge.

Live TV channels individually configurable

According to Plex, the live TV offering can be used almost completely across international borders and is to be expanded in the future. The available TV channels can be individually arranged by the users and selected according to personal preferences. The streams available include news channels such as Reuters and Yahoo Finance, as well as children’s and sports channels.

Including the new offer, Plex is now the only streaming platform that really bundles all media types relevant for living room entertainment. Ad-financed films and series as well as podcasts and music are currently available there. Users can also integrate their own digital content into the platform.

Plex is at home on all devices

The great strength of Plex is that all media available there can be played on practically any device. Plex CEO, Keith Valory, describes what he sees as the two most important factors in a good streaming experience: “It must be as easy as possible for everyone to find interesting content and play it on their device of choice.”

Plex’s new Live TV service is available on the company’s website, but can also be viewed on an Apple TV, iPad or iPhone, an Android TV or Android device, an Amazon Fire TV product or Roku device, and via Chromecast be played.

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