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Podcasts are now eligible for Pulitzer Prize


Podcasts like S-Town, Serial and Believed aren’t simply enchanting, they’re likewise extraordinary instances of hard-hitting, in-depth journalism. In view of that, the Pulitzer Prize Board is including another journalism prize category for audio reporting.

“The renaissance of audio journalism in recent years has given rise to an extraordinary array of non-fiction storytelling. To recognize the best of that work, the Pulitzer Board is launching an experimental category to honour it,” said Pulitzer Administrator Dana Canedy. The award will go to work “characterized by revelatory reporting and illuminating storytelling.” It’s intended for reporting that does some digging to uncover wrongdoings, just as unique highlights and news inclusion of significant issues or occasions. The story based on the case of Adnan in a podcast showed people discrepancies in the justice system.

Radio program and podcast producers in the US are welcome to submit work, as long as it circulated during 2019. That implies top choices like Serial and S-Town are ineligible. Contenders may incorporate any semblance of In the Dark, To Live and Die in LA, Man in the Window, White Lies and other true crime podcasts that exhibit in-depth journalism and epic storytelling. Despite who wins, the new class addresses the prominence of prominence, especially true crime ones.

The contest for Audio Reporting and all other Journalism categories will open on December 16, 2019, and the deadline for all submissions is January 24, 2020 at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Audio entries must be submitted without preroll advertising.

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