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Pokémon games are now available on Facebook

You don’t need to start up a Nintendo console or launch a telephone application to play Pokémon video games from this point forward. The Pokémon Company has discharged its initial two Facebook Gaming titles, Pokémon Medallion Battle and Pokémon Tower Battle, through both the Gaming tab on the social media community just as is in-beta Facebook Gaming application. Tower Battle is accessible worldwide and makes them battle different players continuously by making the tallest Pokémon towers – it’s not Jenga with Jigglypuffs, however, it’s arriving. Medallion Battle, then, is an increasingly conventional card battler for the Asia-Pacific region that makes them track down new animals (new ones are accessible every month) to assemble your fantasy deck.

Before you ask: there aren’t any in-application purchases, in any event not at this stage.

The Pokémon Company isn’t bashful about its objectives with creating Facebook titles. This is tied in with making the games accessible to “people all over the world” who otherwise couldn’t (or wouldn’t) play. For Facebook, in the interim, this is a major lift to an Instant Games stage that just has such huge numbers of huge titles added to its repertoire. You absolutely won’t put down your Switch for these games, yet they could give you the motivation to look at Facebook Gaming where you may somehow disregard it.

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