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Twitter has blocked animated PNGs on the forum

Twitter will never again animate PNG files after trolls hijacked the Epilepsy Foundation’s handle and hashtags a month ago to send conceivably seizure-inciting pictures to epileptic and photograph sensitive people. The organization says it as of late found a bug that had enabled individuals to add different animated pictures to a tweet and sidestep Twitter’s autoplay protections utilizing the file format. All things considered, Twitter likewise says it doesn’t know that anybody utilized APNG to attempt to trigger seizures; it simply needs to maintain a strategic distance from the likelihood that individuals do as such later on.

“We want everyone to have a safe experience on Twitter,” the company said in a tweet. “APNGs were fun, but they don’t respect autoplay settings, so we’re removing the ability to add them to tweets. This is for the safety of people with sensitivity to motion and flashing imagery, including those with epilepsy.” Twitter also said APNGs used up a lot of data, and could in some circumstances cause app crashes.

All things considered: regardless you’ll have the option to add animated pictures to your tweets, you’ll simply need to fall back on GIFs. Since a great many people as of now use GIFs as their go-to for sharing clips and responses, the update is probably not going to change how the larger part utilize the stage.

To compensate for the loss of the additional use that accompanies APNGs, Twitter says it’s chipping away at adding alt-text to GIFs, which will help make them increasingly open to individuals who rely upon screen readers to explore the web.

The move likely won’t make Twitter totally alright for photograph sensitive people since trolls have utilized GIFs in the past to attempt to hurt individuals. In any case, the way that APNGs had the option to sidestep the site’s autoplay protections made them especially vulnerable to abuse.

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