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What is the Value of a DBA Degree?

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Once a student has completed an undergraduate university degree, they may decide to go one step further and pursue a DBA. The term DBA stands for ‘Doctorate in Business Administration’. The main aim of a DBA degree is to provide professionals with advanced research skills and tools that are vital when making decisions and strategic planning.

If you are toying with the idea of enrolling in a DBA programme, it’s likely that you will already know what it takes to achieve academic success, however, attaining the highest degree in this field will present you with some unique challenges, regardless of how bright or diligent you are. Whether you’re planning to move up the career ladder, or be your own boss, here are a few reasons why a DBA can be highly valuable in your working career.

Developing Your Skillset

Completing a DBA degree can be beneficial when it comes to reaching your personal and professional goals. If you attain this qualification, you will gain the transferable skills and leadership qualities needed to succeed in the business world. Students will learn about the latest management trends and techniques that can be implemented in the workplace. No matter your specialty, career goals, or interests, a DBA can help you achieve the role of your dreams. Alongside leadership skills, you will learn many other key traits that can help you in the business sector, including:

  • Project management
  • Delegation
  • Negotiation
  • Effective Communication

Expand Your Employability

Completing a DBA degree will broaden your horizons and expand your employability options, helping you to pursue a variety of exciting career paths, such as:

  • Senior managerial consultant
  • Business systems analyst
  • Business unit accountant
  • Marketing brand manager

You may also wish to pick an academic career such as a business professor, meaning you can teach other students at colleges, universities, business training centers, as well as online business schools.

Increase in Salary

It goes without saying, the more qualifications you gain, the better chance you have of attaining roles that come with a higher salary. There are many roles that you may be interested in which feature lucrative compensation packages. Job security is a must, regardless of the field you go into, therefore, obtaining a DBA can strengthen your CV for all the right reasons and help you find a role that rewards you financially for all your hard work and expertise.

Networking Opportunities

Whether you decide to study for your DBA online or in a face to face classroom, you will be able to network with all kinds of different people who can be highly influential when you go it alone in the business world. For those who wish to start their own company, engaging with industry experts throughout your course will give you valuable insight into the mechanisms that hold a business together, meaning you will be well equipped with expert knowledge and techniques that can help when it comes to searching for a position in the future.

Study at Your Own Pace

If you have chosen to go down the online route for your DBA, one of the main advantages of doing so is that you can study at your own pace. Instead of having to worry about being in a classroom environment with others, you can learn from the comfort of your own home that can help you feel more settled and focused on your course. There are many other benefits of online learning which include:

  • Avoid commuting
  • Improve technical skills
  • Lower total costs
  • Flexible schedule
  • Eco-friendly
  • Develop self-discipline

Although online degrees aren’t for everyone, many students are unable to take time off work to commit themselves to a full-time course. If you are serious about climbing the career ladder and want to seek out higher roles in the business sector, completing an online DBA degree may be the perfect option for you.

Credibility & Worldwide Recognition

No matter what you study for, it’s only natural that you will want employers and those in the same field as you to take you and your credentials seriously. Those who conduct business with a DBA graduate will be more inclined to do so, especially when compared to someone without a DBA.

Another benefit of completing a DBA is that it is one of the most highly recognizable degrees throughout the world, meaning that no matter where you decide to go in the world, your credentials will hold up well against others, which will increase the chances of you securing your dream role. If you would like to travel, or move to a new country to live and work, having a qualification that’s recognized is crucial.

Choosing an Institution

Whether you prefer to study at a traditional college or university, or you like the idea of studying online, it’s important that you do your research before signing up to a course. Completing any kind of degree will take time, hard work, not to mention a lot of money, so it’s crucial that you make the right decision. Institutions such as Aston University Online offer a doctor of business administration degree, and throughout this course, there are range of modules that you will study, such as:

  • Introduction to Business and Management Research
  • Professional Development and Research Impact
  • Applied Research Methods

Before applying for a DBA degree, make sure that you look at the entry requirements so you can be confident that you have the right experience and qualifications to succeed on the course. To give you a better understanding of whether a DBA degree is right for you, reading alumni ratings and reviews of the course can give you a first-hand account of what is expected of you, as well as the likelihood of you securing a position that you’re interested in.

A DBA degree is valuable for all sorts of reasons. Not only will you develop strong leadership, management, and communication skills, but you will have the window of opportunity to network with individuals from across the world. To climb up the career ladder and secure a higher salary, completing a DBA is a no brainer.