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Pokemon Go Plus is finally here

Pokemon GoPlus

Pokemon Go Plus will be available to the audience on the 16th of September. The developer of the game Pokemon Go, Niantic Lab, has announced that it will finally release Pokemon Go Plus. It was scheduled to be released back in July but the company decided to postpone it.

Pokemon Go Plus will be available next week

Pokemon Go Plus is a small device that Pokemon Go users enjoy the game while they are on the go, and cannot be bothered with searching for Pokemons’ on their smart phone. The small device is connectable to smart phone though Bluetooth technology and consumes low energy. It notifies the user about the events taking place in the game for example, Pokestops and the appearance of Pokemons nearby. It uses LED and vibration to inform users.

The 35$ device will be available to the audience, finally, after seeing delay for the past two months. The delay was followed with Pokemon Go developers promising pre-order customers a discount on future purchases. This approach seems to have worked since, the device remained sold out on both Amazon and Gamestop.

In a recent announcement, Niantic Labs also confirmed that an Apple Watch version of the game was under development. It was then preceded by the news of Pokemon Go Plus hitting the stores soon.

Read about Pokemon Go active user decline

It seems that Pokemon Go will be able to reverse the user base of the popular app since, its popularity has seen a dip after its launch. The initial users of the game were 45 million but that figured dropped to 30 million in late July. The numbers of active users on Pokemon Go seem to be dropping which is quiet alarming for the game developers.

Gizmodo reports that, Pokemon Go Plus will be available all around the globe except for some South American countries that have not been named.

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